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with a focus on it’s

natural environment.


Design Flexibility

custom solutions from our ever-expanding knowledge

of pool technology.


Exceptional Performance

precision engineered for

low maintenance and

high performance.


Tailored For You

crafted to fit harmoniously

with your aspirations, style

and budget.


Great pools begin with great relationships.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of making your backyard dreams a reality or simply wanting an expert to maintain your current pools chemistry, we collaborate with each client to gain an understanding of your unique needs. 



Using a holistic approach, we utilize 34 years of experience, cutting edge products, creative solutions and most importantly, communication to create a sanctuary that reflects your lifestyle and home seamlessly. 


We are here to make your life easier and as a family owned business we understand how important it is to maintain your pools chemistry for your family's safety. By staying up to date on modern technology and techniques - count on us for peace of mind. 


When you refurbish your pool, you’re making an investment in your home. Whether you are wanting to resurface, repair or enhance your pool - we set the industry standard in expertise. Your pool is meant to be enjoyed. 



Our goal is an efficient journey.

Our Philosophy
  • Certified Builder Training

  • Certified Pool Operators

  • Certified Tech Training School

Eric Goode Pools was founded on the idea of keeping the client first.


We do this by providing effective communication, expertise and careful attention to detail. We are at the forefront of our field by keeping up-to-date with cutting-edge-technology, modern pool building techniques and staying connected nationally to other pool industry professionals to ensure your investment is worthwhile.

 We are integrated and committed to educating the community.

  • Past President Association of Pool and Spa Professionals Mid South. 

  • Region X Board member

  • Founder of the Mid South Pool & Spa Show

  • Continuously educating the pool dealer database within 6 hr radius of Memphis by creating and providing the following programs:

Backed by 34 years of knowledge and expertise.




  1. Home visit & measurements

  2. Design ideas

  3. Finalize design 

  4. Home visit, design & project proposal 

  5. Construction begins 


  1. Home visit

  2. Project proposal

  3. Peace of mind 

By staying up to date with modern technology

we make owning a pool stress-free

Sometimes customers don't understand the benefits of an in-floor cleaning system to justify the price.

Here are my top-selling points that can be helpful to understand value:

1. Lifetime warranty on in-floor systems   

2. In-floor cleaning heads are strategically placed (by design) on the steps, benches, and floor of the pool/spa and push debris underwater towards the main drain where it is removed by our flush-mounted channel drain which accepts large debris.  It offers a 98% cleaning guarantee when the in-floor system is installed according to the design plan.   

3. In-floor cleaning heads also distribute filtered, chemically treated, and heated (if the heater is on) throughout the pool from the floor up, which is a much healthier body of water compared to just a few surface return lines on a typical pool.  Heating water from the bottom up is a much more efficient way to heat the pool, just like we heat a pot of water on our stove.

4. Hose cleaners, robotic cleaners, etc. only randomly clean the floor of the pool, leaving steps, benches, and the spa dirty.  These types of hose cleaners also don't have a lifetime warranty and a customer will expect to replace them every five years on average. Hose cleaners get in the way of the swimmer and are generally considered unattractive.

5. "Why should I make the job easier for my pool service guy"...because they only come one day a week, leaving your pool potentially dirty six days a week.  In-floor cleaning systems work daily and are designed to save people time and allow a more enjoyable experience with their pool.   

Flooring Systems

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